Brownilympics is a day of sports and fun for first, second and third grade, Brownie Girl Scouts. The theme is "Every Girl Goes Home a Winner" and the purpose is to enhance each young girls self worth through a day of fun and activities. Each girl, along with her troop, can participate in eight events. Girls compete within their own grade level in the four individual events, Obstacle Course, 50 Yard Dash, Soccer Dribble and Softball Throw. The relays are made up of teams from each of the troops and are divided into three divisions: younger, intermediate and older. The relays are Inner Tube, Sack, 200 Yard, and Hop, Skip, Jump and Run.

Brownilympics began in Simi Valley in 1984 under the leadership of Rick Hand and a small group of parents who wanted to create a new event for that area's girl scouts, specifically the Brownies. Having the philosophy that sports can enhance a young person's self worth, and the fact that the Olympics were coming to Los Angeles that year, it was felt that it would be fun to create an Olympic style sports day for the girls. That year 23 troops, comprised of 245 girls, and a countless number of mothers and fathers began Brownilympics. It was a huge success. Every girl went home with a gold medal, recognizing her as a special individual.

Since that first event in Simi Valley, Brownilympics has grown to three other areas of Girl Scouts. In 2011, Simi Valley is hosting its 27th annual event, while Conejo Valley is hosting their 17th, Coastal their 14th, and Santa Clarita, their 9th. Since 1984 over 19,000 girls have received Gold Medals through their participation in this highly popular event. In 2011, close to 2000 girls are participating in Brownilympics.

The uniqueness of Brownilympics is that it is the one event in the Girl Scout year, where volunteer Dads run the event from start to finish. By having Moms as the leaders and assistants, the Dads running the day's events, parents and grandparents spectating, and the surrounding community involved, Brownilympics is a family and community event.

The event actually begins several months before the big day with an Event Director and an Event Committee creating and organizing the event. The girls meet with their troops and decide which events to enter, both as individuals and as teams in the relays. The girls also design and create matching outfits for their troop and together make a banner to carry in the parade. Parents are invited to help the girls practice their different events prior to the day itself. Brownilympics allows the girls an opportunity to enhance their self worth on many different levels.

The day itself begins with a parade of troops, followed by opening ceremonies. The morning activities include the individual events and troop pictures. After a lunch break, there is an Individual Events Medal Ceremony in which each girl that placed in her grade level receives her medal with a star attached. The relay events follow, with the Relay Events Medal Ceremonies after that. Just prior to the closing ceremonies, we have a special Participation Medal Ceremony, where every girl not placing in an event, receives her well, deserved medal. The Brownilympic Medal that each girl proudly receives is to remind her of the fun day that she had and to reward her for the way in which she gave it her all. Every girl participating in Brownilympics receives a medal!

Every girl goes home a winner !

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